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Cactus Backup Solution

The Cactus Backup Solution uses Redstor’s disk to disk backup technology to backup your data.

  • Disk to disk technology will provide quick and easy data restore capabilities
  • Cactus Backup automatically stores a mirror copy of the critical data on a dedicated server at a separate physical location
  • Disk does not require the level of investment and capital outlay that a tape backup solution would require

The backup solution will be setup to allow secure access from the Internet so that mobile users are able to perform backups and do restores while out of the office either directly or through the Redstor Web Interface.

The Enterprise reporting tools will allow easy centralised administration and auditing of the backup operations across all devices.

The central administration console will allow centralised management of all devices. This centralised administration will allow the administrator to manage the backup selection, restore operations and view the logs for all servers and workstations across the organisation.

When setting up the solution, you will be asked to provide passwords and 8 character long encryption keys for the backups in order to protect the data and keep it secure on our servers.

If you lose these passwords or encryptions keys, your data cannot be recovered.